Logan Parker

C.E.O. and Director of Operations

Logan has been in the construction trades for 13 years, beginning as an apprentice carpenter in Lake Tahoe, California. Within two years, he started his own construction business, mainly building custom cabinetry for remodels and new homes. His interest in survival skills and the natural world led him to become passionate about green and natural building methods. In 2012, Logan built his own high-performance, off-grid straw bale home in Silk Hope, NC as a model of efficiency, self-sufficiency, and sustainability.

He now owns and operates Heirloom Builders, where he designs and builds custom homes and cabinetry.


Liz Clore

Director of Finance

Liz has been actively engaged in various construction projects for the last 5 years. Her knowledge of the trades and attention to detail makes her a valuable asset to Heirloom Builders, Inc. She brings a fresh perspective and positive attitude every day, and has been a critical force in construction problem-solving, client relations, and financial management.




Mike Heindl

Shop and Project Manager

Mike is a mechanical genius with 16 years of experience in managing shop operations and product design. Mike's deep understanding of construction assemblies and his ability to think outside the box helps our operations run smoothly in both the shop setting and in the field. His commitment to quality and thoughtful approach in teaching are the perfect combination of skills we need to train incoming apprentice carpenters.


Andrew Mayo

Journeyman Carpenter

Andrew has only a few years of carpentry experience, but don't let that fool you. He is a proven hand in the cabinet shop and has built and installed both frame and frameless style cabinetry for high-end homes. He continues to develop his understanding of construction through the carpentry lens and has helped successfully build-out 3 new homes and several fine pieces of custom furniture. Andrew started out his career at Heirloom Builders building a site-milled white oak armoire with amazing accuracy and attention to detail. He has been a valuable asset to our team ever since.


Ben Brown

Lead Carpenter

Ben has been a critical part of our team at Heirloom Builders for 5 years, mastering every carpentry skill from framing barns and decks to custom cabinet-making. He is skilled at working efficiently throughout the day keeping his eyes on the big picture and maintaining a focus on quality. Ben can build anything, and is an asset to our workflow, customer relations, and team morale. Ben is a master of resourcefulness and built two tiny homes for himself with nearly all reclaimed materials.