Located near Chapel Hill, North Carolina, hardwood and pine trees are plentiful. So we make our own lumber. And use it to build custom homes, cabinetry and furniture. 

Our Mission is to lead the green building movement in a sustainable direction. We build homes that perform as more than just shelter. They are super-insulated and well ventilated - to maintain a comfortable environment on their own. We have the technology to build homes that power themselves.  And generate their own heat and hot water. So let's do it! Every home has a roof. And an enormous potential to catch rain water. We offer solutions to water supply problems that might help communities like Flint be more resilient. That's the Heirloom way. Join us!

We build a 3D model of nearly every project, and generate clear blueprints for construction. Follow us on a learning adventure as we explore the details of a self-reliant 1000 sq ft home we’re building in Saxapahaw, NC.